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Teen stole 90 GB of private data from Apple because he dreamed of working for the company


The 19-year-old Australian has been found guilty of stealing more than 90 GB of secure and private files by hacking Apple’s network of servers several times. The reason, according to his lawyer, is that he “admires too much” the company and “dreams of working there one day.”

The arrest took place in the city of Melbourne and is now facing criminal charges in the city’s juvenile court. The police managed to find the young hacker, who had created several back doors and used different techniques to evade justice, and confiscated all his devices when registering his parents’ house, including two Apple laptops, a smartphone and a hard drive. Among their devices they found all the stolen files that were being stored in a folder called “hacky hack hack” (yes, you read correctly)
Among the stolen files are “secure data” of the company and user account data. However, it has not yet been specified what part of the infrastructure of Apple managed to hack to get these files, or what techniques he used, possibly because the teenager had become well known before being caught, and the local justice does not want reveal a lot of information about your case to protect you and your family. Next month the court will reveal his sentence.


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