Home World Crashed a plane into his house

Crashed a plane into his house


The police released him a few hours earlier after assaulting his wife, then crashed a plane into his house.

Duane Youd, a 48-year-old man from Payson, Utah, has died after crashing a plane into his house, where his wife and his youngest son were.

The man had been released hours earlier by the police, who arrested him for physically assaulting his wife, Sany Youd. The agents received several notices and complaints from neighbors, but the detainee posted a bail of 1,850 dollars and went free, as reported by different local media.

Fortunately, the woman and the son managed to escape from the flames. The man took advantage of a parking lot that was at an airport 30 km away from his house and owned by a company where he had worked.

The plane was partially charred.


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