Home Fun Car tries crossing a track with banana peels as in Mario Kart

Car tries crossing a track with banana peels as in Mario Kart


Do you remember when all your problems could be solved by throwing banana peels, causing your opponent to be behind you, taking the victory and temporarily breaking your friendships?

The people of Hoonigan prepared a traction test of banana peels in real life with an Audi RS5 2018 to see how effective the skin of the fruit could be to get a car off the track.

They tried to throw the car on the plane trees, where there was more impact on the traction, to see if there was any impact on the performance of the car.

It happened that the banana peels could not compete with the high performance car with traction and 444 horsepower. While there was a small slip, it seems that you would need many more banana peels to thwart the dreams of victory and glory of your enemies. It can also be useful if you are in a powerful car with rear-wheel drive that is much more likely to fail.

In any case, I get the feeling that this test is incomplete, so I hope you keep trying. It would be very useful to know how much banana I need to eat to win a career in the future.


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